I don’t try to describe my sound. I don’t mind people describing music, I think the problem is when they get attached to certain words, then I think it becomes a bit unhealthy. I never really think about it like that. You don’t have to call it anything, the only reason you have to call it anything is to try and sell it.

TEED, Nov. 2011

On his highly anticipated debut album, Trouble, out June 11th:

The main challenge I set myself was to make a dance album with some shelf-life. It seems there have been very few albums in dance music history that have stood the test of any time at all. It’s always been about individual tracks. Plus the 12-year-old me loved it.

TEED, May 2012

On his headpieces:

My friend made me one, and it started from there. I love dressing up.

TEED, May 2012

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