Dance is one of man’s oldest and most basic means of expression. Through the body, man senses and perceives the tensions and rhythms of the universe around him, and then, using the body as an instrument, he expresses his feeling responses to the universe. Through dance he relates to his fellow man and to his world.

Dance as a work of art may be described as the expression of man’s inner feelings transformed by imagination and given form through the medium of movement. The dance is a symbolic form which reveals the creator’s inner vision.

As a work of art, dance has an inherent communicative power. This is so because human movement, the material of dance, is the essence of life. It grows out of life, reflects life, and is life.

From an inner impulse comes the first movement of the dance. From this impulse and sustained emotional power evolves a continuum of movement, which projects the image of the creator. The completed dance assumes a form that has unity and gives the illusion of “aliveness.”

Stephen Petronio Company
Words by Alma M. Hawkins
Last image by Vanja Karas, all others by Sarah Silver