Photographs are my reactions to the provocation of beauty – whatever that may be.

“No need to display my cleverness to control the subject or to impose my personality.

The photograph expresses that aspect of the inherent beauty as I perceive it.

That image is enlarged by its uniqueness and by the infinite variety of the human face.”

Gilles Larrain

“Who is this Gilles Larrain guy and who are all these beautiful freaks?”

Idols represented the drag scene in New York in the late 60s and early 70s. They were the outsiders, not the same Warhol superstars you always see. Some were affiliated with the Cockettes performance troupe from San Francisco but most were just cool-looking people who Gilles met hanging out at Max’s Kansas City.

He had boxes of props and clothes in his SoHo studio and everyone would come over and hang out and play dress-up. The result…these saturated, raw, non-manipulated images.

[text adapted from book foreword by Ryan McGinley]