It is incredible what can happen with a lot of talent and a little bit of time.

Two weeks ago, a member of Alternative Banking group approached illustrator Marc Scheff to collaborate for the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The concept: On September 17, hand out one thousand cards depicting some of the people and institutions responsible for causing the financial crisis.

What started as a few drawings soon snowballed into a full-fledged project, leading Scheff and fellow artist,
Daniel Nyari, down the path of art directing 28 artists from around the world to create what you see here –
a full deck of 52 cards plus 4 bonus, complete with a custom case.

Here’s where we get involved:
They need our support to raise the funds to distribute these cards. The money we raise will not only go to paying production costs on the project, but will also include a stipend for each of the 28 freelance artists for their time and talent. That way you aren’t just paying for stuff; you are paying to support a community of hard-working artists who tell great stories and want to be able to afford to keep telling them.

Because this project doesn’t end on #S17, once their fundraising goal is exceeded, they have TONS of ideas about where to take this next. Possibilities include a show at a physical gallery with an education panel, a book of the works, and even a sequel deck of “heroes” of the financial meltdown (yes, they exist!).
We are all hoping that with a little extra time, some of these other great projects will become possible.

Fuel This Project. Support Smart Art.

The vision evolved into making a visually dynamic and coherent set of cards with text and illustrations that would give people a snapshot of who the players are in this casino we call the world financial system.

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