cyclops splash
a cherry on top

current water drop setup

Current Water Drop Setup

How did this begin for you and what was your relationship with art prior?

This all began a few years ago when my family gave me a macro lens for my birthday.  I had seen the water drops on the Liquid Sculpture site and was mesmerized by them.  I had some free time then and thought I would give these a try.  I found I was very good with timing and just went ahead from that moment on.


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humble beginnings

Humble Beginnings

soap film setup

Soap Film Setup

cream drops setup

Cream Drops Setup

smoke setup

Smoke Setup

a drop in space

Before this I had done very little creative and artistic work with photography but the water drop art opened up a whole new world for me, and I was able to utilize this creative outlet.

rainbow plumes

I would like to get know not only more about the creation and the discovery of this series, but what inspires you.


What inspires me is the unique and the mysterious. With my liquid art now I look for more artistic backgrounds and colours. I love colours and with this type of photography colour is very important. I try to make images that I would hang on my own walls. The web is littered with water drops these days, so in order to stand out you need to be unique and creative. I like the viewer to look at some of my work and wonder how the effects were achieved. The colours are very prominent in my work and I have found several ways to create some unique effects.



You mention effects : how much manipulation, if any, happens in post? Have you considered playing more with kaleidoscopic pattern?


I do very little in post other than to clean up the water surface, a bit of colour balance, light balance and sharpening. I do some manipulation with the liquid flow where I will use the mirror and flip technique which works with some of these. The kaleidoscope pattern is something I want to play with very soon. I have seen this effect and it may work wonders on some of the water drops and the cream drops as well. It’s not something I will go berserk on, though.

 liquid pagoda