Even if she’s not for everyone, Björk has inspired me more than anyone. Her live shows are like a religious experience, and the hottest gay nerds flock to her like ecsta-twinks to Ke$ha.

The tortured atonal musicality with 17/8 time signatures and unheard-of instrument combinations are a hallmark of her experimentation. Whether she’s working with the Chinese pipa and horns, a harp activated by gravity, or touch-screen electronic instruments that can be played like a Simon game, at the core of her music is emotion.


Triumph of a Heart
Medulla: Björk’s all vocal dance anthem (of sorts) chronicles in its video an abusive relationship with a cat, a typical sunny, drunken night (yes!) in Reykjavik, and random yodelling. O, Spike Jonze. 
The stubborn trunks of these legs of mine serve as pathways for my favorite fuel.


Homogenic: Björk is singing in English, but you couldn’t get more Icelandic. The song evokes an Icelandic singing style called rímur, which is sort of half-talking, half-singing. 
And when we come back, we’ll have to make new love.


Biophilia: Exploring the connection between the natural phenomenon of lightning, the musical technique of arpeggios, and the emotional stance of longing, Björk eschews mere electronic music, and uses a tesla coil to make music from actual electricity.
My romantic gene is dominant.


Dull Flame of Desire- Live
Volta Live Performance: The quiet comforts remembered majestically in an otherwise tortured love song.
And through the downcast lashes…


Dull Flame of Desire- Modeselektor Remix for Girls, with Antony Hegarty
Volta Remix: Who says Björk can’t have a club banger based on a Tyuchev poem?
I love your eyes my dear.


Vísur Vatnsenda Rósu
Post B-side: A traditional Icelandic song about an incredibly sad woman who watches her only lover rebuke her in his attempts to marry up.
Mitt var þitt og þitt var mitt


Flétta- Antony and the Johnsons featuring Björk
Swanslights: Björk and Antony singing in Icelandic
Ég storma upp


Hyperballad- Girls Blouse Remix
Post Remix: A song about dealing with the phases of relationships where the love chemistry stops working and you have to get by on your wits and do crazy things to stay sane, made starker, and more Icelandic.
Car parts, bottles and cutlery.


Homogenic B-Side: She’s not above a sappy love song, it just involves harpsichords.
…and tomorrow passed them by.


Generous Palmstroke
Vespertine B-Side: Björk’s take on folk music is medieval.
So needy of comfort but too raw to be embraced

~ Jumperpear