Grace 5To be honest, anything I say about Grace Jones would be redundant at this point in her career. Starting off as a model in the 70’s, she opened up doors for many in an industry that never embraced the type of beauty she exuded in abundance. She was unique and unapologetic. To transition from modeling, to singing, to acting in the span of almost 50 years has made her a LEGEND!
As a dark-skinned women growing up in America, I’m grateful for her continued presence and the beauty she embodies.

After going through my friend, Duane Powell’s, two extensive photo albums of all things Grace Jones, I had my ‘light bulb’ moment. From her personal style to her amazing stage flare, I realized just how many amazing hats Grace has worn over the years.
As fashion has evolved throughout the decades, it seems that the hat has slowly taken a back seat in our daily and formal attires. It is the forgotten accessory that people only seem to reference when speaking of church on Sunday, The Kentucky Derby, or Royalty.


To me, a true milliner is an artist, and Grace has been the muse for one of the greatest milliners there is:
Philip Treacy.  Over the span of both of their careers, they have created intense beauty.
Focusing on her love of hats made it easy to narrow down this photo tribute. She’s been influential in showing women how to truly rock a hat! I hope this inspires more of us to play and explore our individuality/creativity every day! <3





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