I remember it like it was yesterday. The day Big revealed the “dream closet” to Carrie in ‘Sex and The City’.

The visual of that room still lingers…I know my world would be a better place if only I had the perfect closet…




As a fashion lover who could live out my days surrounded by shoes, I am always on the hunt, and I know finding that perfect pair can be a task. With an array of styles to choose from, I put together the following lookbook of this season’s hottest boots – consider it a peek into MY dream closet.

Whether you’re a reluctant fan of fashion or a head-over-heels fashion junkie, I’ll never suggest that you play it safe. The higher the heel and the bolder a shoe the better. Sure one can do basic colors, but it’s all about detail and of course having fun! I carefully selected some of my favorites to showcase the many textures and shapes to allure every woman to add some “wow” to her wardrobe.

Please enjoy some of my top contenders for the season! <3