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It is really is mid-October! Oh my, how time flies.
My latest plan o’action is to create something new by hand each week.
I am doing it for balance. I am doing it to signify the passage of time. I am doing it to challenge myself.
I am doing it to grow. I am doing it because I can.


Almost June Edition (2013)

So May is my birthday month which invariably means the “Summer o’Fun” is often soon declared.

Thus far, we are on track for a record-breaking year of joy and rabble-rousing…which is why there have been so few updates…BUT, I am back! (Thank you in advance for missing me :) )

New to the team is the fantastic and talented K-Boogie – stylist, designer, and fellow lover of shoes.

She is starting a fashion column, exclusive to I WANT CRAYONS, entitled “Boogie’s Blast” – definitely looking forward to her fresh point-of-view.

Stay tuned. Buckle up. and Keep Dancing!

Rolling Stones

February (2013)

permission to have a moment
coming back from a temporary relapse I’m back on track and everything seems to be
in line with the divine
no asking why because time is on my side
manifesting my thoughts to have a pulse, shaking my head at the results
knowing that my words could either kill you or breathe life into you
I check my intentions
don’t want my mirror of words to have a blurry reflection
and believe me when I tell you
don’t give a fuck
so do you to the best of your ability
strap on your safety belt and move through life like it owed you money
bob and weave through people who look at you funny
the joke is on them
cuz while they’re peeping your category
you’ve already written your next life story
so time is my friend
and we only got beef every now and then
making up at the end


My first Silk dated 02.10.13

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And the award for best business card I have been handed to-date goes to….

yung jake


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Morning messages delivered in the form of this:

Just knowing that good things are now happening for you behind the curtains of time and space, which will soon spill into your life, is enough to make good things start happening for you.
Always know this. Because they are.
Happy for you,
The Universe

and this…

Learn more about your destiny by doing what makes you feel brave. Head in the direction of adventures that clear your mind of its clutter and mobilize your gutsy brilliance. Put your trust in dreams that inspire you to sweep aside distracting worries.
George III was King of England from 1760 to 1820. During the last years of his reign, he gradually became more and more detached from reality, talking to himself for hours on end and addressing trees as if they were people. When he first began losing his mind, his servants and assistants made a conscious decision to help him feel more comfortable by acting eccentric themselves.
Their collusion with George’s pathology is an extreme example of a situation that all of us are at risk of.
Our associates and loved ones may fall into a rhythm of going along with our odd ideas and bad habits, encouraging us to continue doing what we probably shouldn’t do.

Are your allies refraining from busting you or calling your bluff, when they probably should?

Bust yourself. Call your own bluff.

and this…

Thank you, January. It’s been real. Off to enjoy the day (and night).
On to the next one…












Excerpt from WAX POETICS article authored by my homegirl T.P. Carter –> Click here for full article

Bilal is a sorcerer.

He doesn’t know it, but the magic in his music can transform the dead into a living, soulful exuberance. I know this because despite my will, I’m forced to accompany friends to the Jazz Café on a rainy night in North London, determined not to enjoy myself. Determined not to feel anything. And then—

He wails.

Despite my best efforts, my foot taps. My body sways. I feel a welling up inside. What began as the crooning sound of a weeping willow in a summer’s breeze, is now electric drum cracking thunder.

He opens himself to the music gods.

And I wonder if it’s Hendrix’s Fender Strat he’s channeling, or the cries of his ancestors. I’m thrashed into the crowd—waves of vengeance unleashing from his microphone. Vengeance on love. On pain. On an industry who may recognize his genius as remotely as seventeenth century literature did Nietzsche’s. A girl throws her hands into the air and screams. A Rasta yells obscenities. Bilal kicks the mic stand, overwhelmed by his own power. No longer reluctant, I’m pushed with the sea of bodies towards the stage.

Bilal is a high priest.

He doesn’t know it, but in a time where sonic mediocrity is celebrated in the American main stream—he is our Santeria. I leave the concert drenched in sweat, and pissed that I let him take me that far.





Nietzsche, The Gay Science

We have left the land and have embarked. We have burned our bridges behind us—indeed, we have gone farther and destroyed the land behind us. Now, little ship, look out! Beside you is the ocean: to be sure, it does not always roar, and at times it lies spread out like silk and gold and reveries of graciousness. But hours will come when you will realize that it is infinite and that there is nothing more awesome than infinity. Oh, the poor bird that felt free and now strikes the walls of this cage! Woe, when you feel homesick for the land as if it had offered more freedom — and there is no longer any “land.”



Poetry by Doris Vallejo

At a masquerade
I met a serpent
dressed as a woman
I once loved.

“I know you,” I said,
“mirage in the desert.
Your breasts are sand dunes
that will flow through my hands.”

Her hypnotic gaze
made me thirsty.
I crawled
toward the tears in her eyes
just to discover
they were tears of laughter
reflecting my face
as a hundred masks.

“Stay with me little love mite,”
she chanted.
“The sun is setting,
it is getting dark.
At midnight disguises all fall to ashes.
Then we’ll grapple
in each other’s coils.”



Morning Meditation/Motivation:
“Stillness is the ground of being from which all else emerges. It is within and behind every breath, every thought, every action. It is my starting point, my resting place, the home base to which I can return again and again. In stillness I notice how time and space disappear. All there is is the present moment and my willingness to listen…to allow the stillness to speak. The stillness takes me into a realm of conscious awareness that transcends my identity as body or mind. Stillness offers an experience of being and a recognition that my being…my essence…is part of all Being, all Essence.”



“Most of us have a love/hate relationship with goals, especially those requisite, all important New Year’s resolutions. We do love the “idea” of a new year, a new start, and an opportunity to have a re-do on what we failed to do or complete this past year. But how often do we take the time to analyze why we weren’t able to accomplish our goals for this year before moving into the next. Unless we know what interfered, most likely it will occur again. After all, the only real difference between this year and next is simply a matter of seconds ticking down on the clock. And although we can “imagine” that we’ll be different next year (by being more committed, motivated, conscientious) what is it that is going to cause that change to happen? We will have to change more than just our minds to create change in ourselves and in our lives, as we are much more than just our thoughts. We need to fully engage all the parts of us in order to create the crucible of transformation powerful enough to break old, habitual patterns and manifest real, tangible change.”

“We all know that when we are excited about something it’s far easier to start doing something about it, no matter how difficult.”

“We are all comprised of four components of the Self: the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual. And in order to create lasting change, we must engage as many components as possible in order to achieve a critical mass of energy to move beyond our current default patterns that continue to encumber us. If we think we can just imagine (intellectual) what it would be like to have a healthier body without the motivation (emotional) to really put some new behaviors into practice (physical) we’ll never feel the transcendent reward (spiritual) of making different choices to produce new, positive results.”

“Make a set of tangible, attainable goals and then fully commit to putting it into practice; it may also be helpful to inform a couple of trusted people so that they may support you in the process. And remember, how well you do is up to you, because improvements are really for you and ultimately have potential to expand and transform whatever life you choose to create.”

Michael Mongno Ph.D, December 2011






The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact,
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all
~ Hafez


11/29/2012 – 12/19/2012


“You were built to believe, designed to receive, and born to go where no one ever has.
Dream. Dream really BIG now.”
Behold, a light…
The Universe



Remember, as artists we don’t know diddly. We’re winging it every day. For us to try to second-guess our Muse the way a hack second-guesses his audience is condescension to heaven. It’s blasphemy and sacrilege.

Instead let’s ask ourselves like that new mother: What do I feel growing inside me? Let me bring that forth, if I can, for its own sake and not for what it can do for me or how it can advance my standing.

theWARofART page 157



You find yourselves today one month of time, as you have constructed it, prior to the day to which you have chosen to attach a supreme importance. And because you have done this, this date will have focused upon it the energies of vast changes which are congruent with the passing from this age into the next. Your focus and your intention are drawing to you infinite energy, light, love, and the power of Creation.

To the extent which you will have transcended time on that date, your perception of the world in which you live will take a quantum leap forward. To the extent which you hold on to your past comfortable and safe ways of seeing, nothing may appear to change. There is nothing wrong with that. All is your choice. There are, after all, billions of you yet, who have no idea, consciously, that your world has changed.

And it has changed, make no mistake. As much as human kind would love for change to remain in its future, change never ceases. Your world has changed. What remains is for your perception of it to change, as well. This will happen. It will happen because of the vast amounts of love in which you have become immersed. It will happen because of the work that is being done with you by your guides and angels. But mostly it will happen because you have decided that it will happen.

Our loving request to you is, please do not fall into doubt or fear if you find that some instant transformation has not occurred for you personally. To the extent, as we say, that you are holding on to your past beliefs and perceptions, it will take time for these things to manifest for you. As you allow time to slip away, you will find that they already are part of your reality. What you have determined to have as your reality already is reality, my dearest friends. Begin to let go of all the reasons why it is not yet yours, because it is.

Atchangel Micaheal/Ron Head



As fast as your fingernail grows,
The Atlantic ridge drifts
To counteract distance.



Advice from Luis Alves during our October 7th conversation:

It seems like you have to, I don’t know, restart doing it.

Just try it. Start to draw.

Just draw what you see. If it is crap; it’s okay, no one is seeing it. And so what even if someone is seeing it, just draw it or paint it or whatever.

Sometimes when it does not work, you get frustrated. This process took me ages, but you just need to go for it.

Just clear your head and go for it.

And if you see something good, just put it somewhere, show it and somebody’s going to like it. Someone.
If you like it, someone will like it. Just share it.

Because for me, I was really really shy with my work.  Several years ago, I had a blog with my initial sketches with some small text, and a friend said to me, ‘Hey I saw your blog and I like the images but it seems like you are always saying that the drawings and pictures are not good. Why are you saying that?’ I didn’t realize that every time I put up an image, I would say “but it’s really not that good.”

I finally started to be a little more proud of my work. Proud in the sense of I didn’t care what you might think. Someone’s going to like it. If you don’t, that’s okay.

Just go for it.

flying over


11/23/2012 : Post Meridiem

One of the more amusing aspects to running a site is perusing all the Spam that comes my way.

Sharing today’s classic courtesy of burberry sacs pas cher :

“I wouldn’t wait for getting mugged to the headphones subsequent to I buy them and morning seen making use of them. it basically screams Pot me We have more profit than I’ve met the way to turn with…”


11/23/2012 : Ante Meridiem

Gilles Larrain“My idea of beauty would come actually from the past, from the fact that my parents were collectors and painters and musicians, collectors of antiquities. Beauty exists all over the planet, from the animal world to the landscapes, to the bodies. The ideal of beauty is whatever is surprising enough to make you excited about looking at it. To give you a desire, like smelling a beautiful flower, to smell it again, it’s something unique, it rouses all the senses, one sense is linked to all the senses, and especially is linked to imagination. Beauty is what triggers imagination, and what triggers desire. Whatever that may be.”

I still enjoy referencing the work of Gilles Larrain. Click on his name or the above image to see my original post.



i am forever living in love

It is always Day 19.

“At the core of your being, you are pure awareness, creativity, spirit, and love. And, when you experience love, you experience yourself as spirit, one who feels—and is—love.”

Deepak Chopra


11/21/2012 : Post Meridiem

11/21/2012 : Ante Meridiem

“The unconscious is a fascinating matrix of sacred images and rituals which in their wildly contradictory meanings express the secret unity of all life”

Rob Brezsny



i love to communicate and interact.



“Today, I remember to be grateful.” Day 16

When you connect with this true inner joy, you feel bliss for no reason. Simply being alive to gaze at the stars and appreciating the miracle of life itself brings you happiness … As you move into that place of gratitude, notice the warmth, love, compassion, and sense of connection that enters your heart.

Deepak Chopra



Today I opened a book

The Social Psychology of Organizing : Second Edition: Weick

Page 30


To know what we’re doing when we inquire into anything is to know the limits of that inquiry:

We seem to know more and more about how to live without finding out any more about why it is worthwhile to live….The main point to bear in mind, however, is that the primary purpose of both revealed knowledge and of artistic knowledge is to make the individual feel better about the world as it is. The emphasis (in art) is on altering or enlarging the individual’s experience of the world, not on changing the world itself to serve man’s desires….[T]here should be nothing disjunctive about a culture which sets out on the one hand to control the external world for man’s welfare and at the same time attempts to adjust man to what is unadjustable in his condition. Experience has shown that he is not likely to do either one well enough to render the other superfluous (Morison 1965, pp. 256, 257, 261).