We must never stop dreaming.
Dreams provide nourishment for the soul,
Just as a meal does for the body.

Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage
Made By Hand

Made By Hand

There are moments when you come across a piece of art, and it speaks to you, a truth you needed to hear just then… This is a film about Joel Bukiewicz, The Knife Maker. I found that I developed this need to make these sort of creative offerings on a daily basis – to basically...
Building a Better Grocery List

Building a Better Grocery List

There is something glorious about having a fridge full of fresh produce and a pantry laden with oils and spices. Opening doors to vibrant colors and smells – encouraging creativity in the kitchen. Aim: Re-discover & Explore natural flavors and work to develop a solid base of recipes for cooking. So, in the spirit of...
Food...with thought by F.G. Cooper

Food…with thought by F.G. Cooper

A World War I poster print from the U.S. Food Administration. Damn near 100 years ago. A list of six that still applies today.